Valentine’s Menu

Valentine’s menu



Homemade soup of the day with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, mk)

Seafood chowder creamy or tomato based served with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, fh, mk, sp)

Duck liver parfait, Jameson whisky macerated raisins, butternut squash, pumpkin oil and toasted brioche

(gf, mk, eg, sp)

Thai style fishcakes with mango and coconut cream

(cy, eg, fh, mk, sp)

Caramelized goat cheese and red onion marmelade bruschetta, candied walnut, rocket salad and orange vinaigrette

(mk, sp, tn, eg)

Tempura of prawns, salt and pepper squid, spiced tomato compote

(gf, cy, fh, sp, cs)


6 oz fillet steak, prawns and crab claws cooked in garlic butter (5€ suplement)

(cs, mk, sp, gf)

Pauppiettes of black sole with scallop mousse, grilled asparagus and saffron veloute

(cs, ms, fh, mk, sp, eg, cy, gf)

Chicken Mole with spiced vegetables and coriander rice, avocado salsa

(pn, tn, mk, sp, se, cy, gf)

Seafood Medley

(fh, gf, mk, tn, sp, ms)

Butternut squash, walnut and radichio risotto, rocket and parmesan salad

(cy, gf, mk, sp)


Lemon curd and raspberry meringue roulade, fruit coulis

(eg, mk, gf)

Warm chocolate fondant with homemade raspberry ripple ice cream

(mk, gf, eg)

Irish coffee mousse

(eg, mk, sp)

White chocolate and strawberry baked chesscake with homemade vanilla ice cream

(mk, gf, eg)

35 €