Soup of the Day with home baked brown bread 7€ (cy, gf, mk)

Surf & Turf Seafood Chowder creamy or tomato based served with home baked brown bread 12€ (cy, gf, fh, mk, sp)
Chicken Liver & Jameson Whiskey Paté sourdough baguette, blackcurrant compote 12€ (gf, mk)
Honey & Thyme Goats Cheese Bruschetta, beetroot carpaccio green salad walnut dressing 12€ (gf, mk, sp)

Chilli & Lime Butter Prawns with toasted garlic ciabatta 14€ (cy, fh, sp, cs,)
Bowl of Steamy Mussels house smoked bacon, cider & thyme 12€ (ms,mk,sp,eg,cy,)

Thai Style Fishcakes mango salsa 12€ (eg, fh, mk,)

Seared Scallops black pudding, celeriac, smoked bacon vinegarette 14€ (ms,mk,sy,sp,cy,md)


Slow Roast Beef Featherblade in bourguignon sauce, honey roast carrots, broccoli 26€ (cy,sp,mk,gf)

Pan fried 10oz Sirloin Steak, mushrooms, roast cherry vine tomatoes, onion rings & pepper sauce 30€ (mk,sp,gf) Add Garlic Prawns 5€
Chicken Supreme, stuffed with pork and leek sausage, crispy fried drumstick, miso glazed cabbage, smoked chicken jus 24€ (mk, sp, eg, cy, md)

Seafood Platter 35€ (cs, ms, fb, mk, sp, cy, gf)

Pan Roasted Duck Breast butternut squash, roast parsnips, red wine & blackberry jus 30€ (mk, sp, eg,cy)

Seared Seabass Fillet fennel, mussels, tomato butter sauce 32€ (cs,fh,sp,ms,gf,)
Feta & Cous Cous Cake spiced tomato compote, fennel & olive salad 20€ (mk,sp,se,eg,cy))

All main dishes are served with seasonal potatoes


Bailey’s crème brulee 7.50€ (eg, mk, tn, gf)
Cheesecake of the day 7.50€ (eg,mk,sp)
Peach Tiramisu 7.50€ (mk, sp,eg)

Chocolate fondant home made cherry ripple ice cream 7.50€ (eg, mk, gf)
Selection of home made Ice Cream 7.50€ (mk, gf, tn, eg)

Allergen Information

cs – crustaceans, ms – molluscs, fh – fish, pn – peanuts, tn – tree nuts,
mk – milk, sy –soya, sp – sulphur dioxide, se – sesame seeds, eg – egg,
cy – celery and celeriac, md –mustard, lp – lupin, gf – gluten friendly