Dinner Menu




Home made soup of the day with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, mk)

5 €

Ballycotton Seafood chowder

Creamy or tomato based served with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, fh, mk, sp)

8,00 €

1\2 dozen Oysterheaven Oysters

Hand shook fresh Oysters – 3 with apple mignonette and 3 with rice vinaigrette

13 €

Pot of mussels

Oysterheaven mussels, smoked bacon, legacy cider, thyme and garlic ciabatta

(cy, fh, gf, ms, sp)

9,50 €

Ballycotton smoked Haddock fishcake

Natural smoked haddock, leek, lemon and fine herb crème fraiche

(cy, eg, fh, mk, sp)

st. 8,50 € main 16 €

Chicken Salad

Buttermilk marinated chicken, crispy pancetta, black pudding, rustic potato, smoked gubeen and organic leaves

(cy, eg, fh, mk, sp)

8,50 €

Goat cheese

Beetroot dusted goat cheese, roast beetroots, balsamic caviar, walnut vinaigrette and organic leaves

(gf, mk, sp)

st. 9,50 € main 17 €

Prawns and Squid tempura

Tomato and chilli jam

(cy, fh, sp, cs, gf)

10,50 €

Our dishes are based on fresh products from local producers

Mains Surf

Local Lobster “Thermidor

Poached Lobster finished with creamy, brandy and French mustard sauce and caramelized gruyere cheese

(cy, cs, fh, mk, sp)

market price

Grilled fillet of hake

Oysterhaven mussels, spring vegetable and dashi beuerre blanc

(fh,ms, mk, sp, cy, gf)

1 9,50 €

Fish and chips

Deep fried fillets of cod, pea puree, home made tartare sauce, hand cut chips and side salad

(fh, mk, sp, cy)

17 €

Hot seafood shearing platter

(for 2 personsask your server)

(cy, fh, gf, cs, mk, ms, sp)

35 €

Pan fried sea bass fillet and seared scallops

Fire roasted aubergine puree, warm couscous salad and spiced tomato salsa

(ms, fh, mk, sp, cy, tn, gf)

25 €

Home made monkfish and prawn ravioli

Roast red pepper sauce and basil oil, organic green salad

(fh, sp, cy,cs, mk)

20 €

Teriyaki glazed salmon

Chilli prawns, stir fry green vegetables and rice noodle salad, mango and basil vinaigrette

(fh, sy, sp, se, gf

23 €

Wild mushroom & grilled asparagus risotto

Wild garlic pesto, green salad and parmesan shavings

(cy, gf,mk, sp)

15 €

All main courses are served with side of hand cut chips & organic leaf salad or fresh market vegetables and potatoes

Mains Turf

(mk, sp, cy, eg)

17 €

Free range Aylesbury Duck and pistachio roulade

Sauté cabbage, apple textures, duck fat roast potato and marjoram jus

(tn, mk, sp,cy, gf)

18 €

Slow braised lamb shank

Celeriac puree, roast garlic mash, honey glazed carrots, peas and rosemary jus

(mk, sp, cy, gf)


Surf and Turf

6 oz fillet steak, garlic crab claws and prawns

(cs, mk, sp, gf)

27 €

Pan fried fillet steak

(mk, sp, gf)

8 oz 28 € 10 oz 30

Pan fried sirloin steak

(mk, sp, gf)

8 oz 23 € 10 oz 25 €

All of the steaks are aged on the bone for at least 28 days served with roast flat cop mushrooms, onion rings, beef dripping, hand cut chips and choice of pepper sauce, bérnaise sauce, red wine jus, garlic or Crozier Blue butter


Individual Pavlova

Seasonal fruit, cream and raspberry sauce

(pn, mk, eg)

6,50 €

Baileys crème brulee

(eg, mk, sp)

6,50 €

White chocolate and blueberry baked cheesecake

Blueberry compote and vanilla ice-cream

(eg, mk, gf, tn)

6,50 €

Chocolate fondant

Home made raspberry ripple ice cream, chocolate sauce

(eg, mk, gf)

6,50 €

Selection of home made ice cream

(mk, gf)

6,50 €


10 €


Made in white church in North Cork. Matured for at least 12 month. Very sharp flavour with a long finish, evoking barnyards and hay


A very unique cheese that must be tried. Creamy cheese with subtle taste of Atlantic


Only blue cheese made from sheep milk in Ireland. Full sweet, rich and cream – like mouth feel with notes of salt and toasted nuts


Semi hard cheese with lots of mushroom, nutty nuances and smoky aftertaste

Allergen Information

cs – crustaceans, ms – molluscs, fh – fish, pn – peanuts, tn – tree nuts, mk – milk, sy – soya, sp – sulphur dioxide, se – sesame seeds, eg – egg, cy – celery and celeriac, md – mustard, lp – lupin, gf – gluten free