Dinner Menu


Homemade soup of the day with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, mk)

5 €

Seafood chowder creamy or tomato based served with home baked brown bread

(cy, gf, fh, mk, sp)

7 €

Pot of Oysterhaven mussels with pancetta and cider or tomato vinaigrette, garlic ciabatta

(cy, fh, gf, ms, sp)

8,50 €

Panko breaded smoked haddock and leek fishcakes, lemon and fine herb crème fraiche

(cy, eg, fh, mk, sp)

st. 8.00 €

main 13,50 €

Oysterhaven oysters with Guinness and blackberry

(gf, ms, sp)

11,50 €

Tempura of crab claws and prawns, chilli and mango sorbet, coriander, coconut ash

(gf, cs, tn, sy, sp)

13 €

Yoghurt marinated chicken salad

(gf, eg, mk, tn)

st. 9.50 €

main 14,50 €

Thai style beef salad

(eg, fh, mk, se, sp)

st. 11.50 €

main 16,50 €

Cajun sauté prawn salad

(gf, cs, eg, mk, tn)

st. 11.50 €

main 16,50 €

Country style rabbit and pork pâté, toasted onion bread, plum chutney

(cy, eg, gf, mk, sp)

9,50 €

Beetroot dusted goat cheese, roast beetroots, avocado mousse, balsamic caviar, walnut vinaigrette

(gf, mk, sp)

st. 8.50 €

main 14 €

Courgette and aubergine cannelloni with butter bean and mascarpone farce, tomato fondue, rocket and parmesan

(cy, gf, eg, mk, sp)

st. 8.50 €

main 14 €

Mains surf and turf

Hot Yoghal Bay lobster with selection of flavoured butters

(cy, cs, fh, mk, sp)

market price

Seared scallops, sweet onion puree, black pudding, asparagus, pancetta vinaigrette

(mk, ms, md, sp)

24,50 €

Hot seafood medley (ask your server)

(cy, fh, gf, cs, mk, ms, sp)

26 €

Surf&turf – Medalions of fillet 6oz, garlic crab claws and prawns

(gf cs mk sp)

23 €

Herb crusted rack and pan fried rump of lamb, mini shepherd’s pie, shallot custard, rosemary jus

(cy, mk, md, sp)

23,50 €

Slow cooked pork belly, mille feuille potato, savoy cabbage, apples

(cy, mk, md, sp)

18 €

Salt aged fillet steak

8 oz 24 €

10 oz 26 €

Salt aged sirloin steak

8 oz 21,50 €

10 oz 23,50 €

Salt aged rib eye on the bone

16 oz 27 €


All of the steaks are served with baby button mushrooms, onion rings, beef dripping, hand cut chips and choice of pepper sauce, béarnaise sauce, red wine jus, garlic or Crozier Blue butter

Mains feather and fin

Pan fried supreme of free range chicken, quail scotch egg, mille feuille potato, chasseur sauce

(cy, eg, mk, sp)

16 €

Half of free range roast duck, warm lentils, cherries, marjoram jus (cy, gf, mk, sp)

23 €

Grilled black sole on the bone “meunière”

(gf, cs, fh, mk, sp)

29,50 €

Pan fried fillet of sea bass, crab lasagne, blood orange emulsion, curry oil

(gf cs mk sp)

24 €

Chorizo rubbed monkfish, smoked gubbeen croquette, roast pepper relish, basil

(eg, fh, mk, sp)

24 €

Seared fillet of halibut, black olive, crushed baby potato, tomato fondue, salsa verde

(gf, fh, mk, sp)

23 €

Grilled fillet of cod, parsley and fennel jelly, polenta, lemon beurre blanc

(gf, fh, mk, sp)

18,50 €

Baked fillet of hake, Serrano ham, potato spinach and sundried tomato pudding, butternut squash flavours

(gf, eg, fh, mk, sp)

17,50 €


White chocolate and raspberry baked cheesecake, raspberry compote, sorbet

(eg, mk)

5,50 €

Jameson whiskey crème brûlée, coffee macarons, Baileys ice creams, coffee dust

(gf, eg, mk, tn, sp)

5,50 €

Chocolate fondant, frappé, blood orange espuma

(eg, mk)

5,50 €

Fresh fruit pavlova, pineapple flower, coulis

(eg, mk)

5,50 €

Pear, sablé biscuit, sabayon

(eg, mk)

5,50 €




7,50 €


Made in white church in North Cork. Matured for at least 12 month. Very sharp flavour with a long finish, evoking barnyards and hay.


A very unique cheese that must be tried.  Creamy cheese with subtle taste of Atlantic.


Only blue cheese made from sheeps milk in Ireland. Full sweet, rich and cream – like mouth feel with notes of salt and toasted nuts.


Semi hard cheese with lots of mushroom, nutty niuances and smokey aftertaste.


Ale washed soft cheese, soft velvety texture, earthy aroma with distinctive malt flavour


Allergen Information

cs – crustaceans, ms – molluscs, fh – fish, pn – peanuts, tn – tree nuts, mk – milk, sy – soya, sp – sulphur dioxide, se – sesame seeds, eg – egg, cy – celery and celeriac, md – mustard, lp – lupin, gf – gluten free


Hot drinks


2,50 €




3 €


3 €

Mocha chai latte

3,30 €

Black tea

2,50 €

Selection of flavoured teas

2,50 €


Cold drinks

Coke (330 ml)

3 €

Diet Coke (330 ml)

3 €

Fanta (330 ml)

3 €

Sprite (330 ml)

3 €


2,50 €

Orange juice

2,50 €

Apple juice

2,50 €



Beers & Cider

9 White Deer Stag Saor gluten free beers (500ml)


Kolsch Style

Cold lagered, crisp and refreshing with gentle hop and malt character

5,50 €

Pale Ale

Classic Pale Ale dry and clean, spicy and citrus character from generous late hopping

5,50 €


Classic IPA with floral citrus and passion fruit flavours and aroma with balanced bitterness

5,50 €

Red Ale

The perfect Irish Red Ale. Rich malt flavours of chocolate, caramel and toffee with a deep ruby red colour

5,50 €


Double chocolate and madagascan vanilla stout, deep rich and luxurious

5,50 €


Legacy Irish Craft Cider (500ml)

Medium dry craft cider from Dungarvan

5,50 €